Skyline at Dusk Workshop

There is no better view of New York, the greatest city in the world, than from the shoreline of Hoboken.  Yet for many people making great night pictures of this iconic scene is frustrating.

The Beyond the Photograph Skyline at Dusk Workshop aims to demystify skyline pictures by teaching you the simple steps to making dramatic, rich, beautiful pictures, whether you are shooting across the Hudson, the Yangtzi, the Tiber, or the Thames.


The great news is that your camera is already capable of capturing great skyline at night pictures.  The only accessories you’ll need are a decent tripod and a simple cable release. That and a little know-how, a pinch of planning, and a bit of patience will help you master the tricky light of any city at night.

ISO, color balance, exposure balance, tools and gadgets, lenses, fill flash, and shutter speeds for amazing skyline pictures will be discussed.

As an added bonus, the June 25th workshop coincides with the PRIDEfest fireworks! What better way to get ready for your July 4th pictures.

All workshops are $69.00

Sunday, June 24th, 7:30pm meet at Pier A Park in Hoboken,  PRIDEfest fireworks!