Black and White Intensive

Have you ever wondered how to shoot really amazing black and white pictures? Pictures so rich in tonality and detail that they instantly feel like works of art?

Black and white is the traditional form of photography, it’s been around for 180 years. Even now, with perfect color achieved with just a click of the mouse, black and white pictures maintain a mystique and elegance that is unrivaled.

In the golden age of photography we used the alchemy of film, paper, and chemicals, plus hours in the darkroom to perfect our pictures, one at a time. Now in the digital age we have amazing new tools, from software to printers, to help us make pictures that surpass the best of what film could do. And it’s not hard to master these tools and ideas, just a little training and some practice.

Beyond the Photograph’s Digital Black and White Intensive is a five session class designed to leave students thoroughly acquainted with all of the steps to making gorgeous quality black and white images. From visualization and composition to exposure,  computer manipulation,  and finally output.

Students will learn a combination of pre-visualization, precise exposure, RAW file capture, Lightroom, and Photoshop to craft photographs of timeless beauty. We’ll begin with the keys to recognizing quality in black and white to making prints with full tonal range and perfect clarity. On the last night of class all students will print their final pictures on our Epson professional printer using QuadTone RIP (Raster Image Processor) software.

The BTP Black and White Intensive is five sessions meeting on Wednesday evenings. Students are welcome to bring laptop computers or simply watch the demonstration.

Class limited to eight B&W photographers. Tuition:$279.00

Wednesdays at 7:30pm, Beginning October 18th: