Digital Super Session

In our Saturday Digital Photography Super Session you’ll learn how to make amazing pictures with your dSLR,  Mirrorless, or advanced point-and-shoot camera in just six weeks.

If your camera is stuck in the Auto-Everything mode,  and you know it can do more, then this class is for you. We’ll get that camera out of the factory presets and teach you how to turn lighting problems into amazing picture opportunities.

You’ll learn how to make emotional color using white balance, the three factors of limited focus,  how to describe motion with stop action or creative blur,  the mystery of ISO,  how composition is truly the journey of the eye, how to master light by asking 6 simple questions,  and a whole lot more.

Class demos and weekly assignments will stress the fundamentals of light and it’s relation to how the camera operates. If you look at amazing pictures and wonder how the photographer did it, without a doubt it started with an understanding of how the camera reacts to light. And that understanding is the basis of this class.

A six week investment, a lifetime of amazing pictures.

Class meets Saturday mornings, 9:00 to 11:00. Beginning May 13th.

Limited to eight participants, register today.