Lightroom Workshop at Beyond the Photograph

Adobe Lightroom is simply the best tool to get all of the quality your camera is capable of capturing. Nothing compares to it.

The Beyond the Photograph Lightroom Classic Workshop is a three session hands on exploration of Adobe’s powerful Lightroom, the premier software for image management and creative potential. Using Lightroom Classic is all about workflow. Students will learn how to go from pre-visualization of an image through output with ease and ultimate quality.

We’ll begin with Lightroom’s Library mode. You’ll set up the catalog, import pictures, add keywords both locally and globally, rate and sort pictures, as well as create a dynamic Lightroom workflow. Next you’ll unlock the hidden potential of your camera’s amazing RAW files in the Develop mode. You’ll learn to adjust everything from color and contrast to exposure and white point detail. Finally you’ll learn to fine tune your files through local adjustments of color, tone, and sharpness, as well as how to remove digital noise and correct lens distortion.

Along the way you’ll learn how to use Lightroom to get awesome black and white quality, remove blemishes, export your images, and make your pictures sharper that they’ve ever been before.

More than any lens or other accessory you can buy,harnessing the potential of RAW files will revolutionize your photography and boost your creative vision. Lightroom Classic is simply the best, and easiest to master, tool to achieve the best pictures you’ve ever made.

This is a hands on class. Students are encouraged to bring the following to work along with the teacher.

-Laptop computer (or a desktop if you’re willing to bring it!)

-A blank external hard drive,at least 3TB

-Adobe Lightroom Classic (not CC) downloaded on their computer (

For photographers of all levels.

Classes are limited to eight participants, register today!


JUST ADDED:One day Lightroom super session,  9:30am to 3:00pm,September 15th. SOLD OUT

Craig Wallace Dale’s Lightroom workshop has been as valuable to my photographic education as his digital photography courses. Learning to take a good picture is only half the battle; learning what to do with an image after you click the shutter, using Lightroom, is the other half.–Jeff T.

I am a huge Lightroom believer and convert thanks to Craig and his Lightroom Workshop! Not only has my post processing workflow been simplified,but I have also learned so much about how to fully use Lightroom to edit my pictures. I hate to say it but I am more organized with my files these days than my life in general. Thank you,Craig! –Kim G. 

It really is a game changer.  Had my hesitation at first thinking I wouldn’t have time for it,but honestly couldn’t imagine taking pictures without it.  It’s funny to go back and look at some of the shots that I thought were my best before I was using LR,and now seeing the difference first hand.  The program allows you to tell the exact story of the pictures,using light to help take your eye through a journey.  For the database/ organization alone, Craig has a great system that is easy to understand and allow you to have every picture you have taken at your fingertips.   I highly recommend this workshop for those that want to get the most our of their camera and improve the quality of your photographs dramatically.  It feels like you got a new camera! –Mike D.

“When I took Craig’s classes back in 2013,he helped me realize how much you could do with a program such as Lightroom. He taught me the basics,as well as advanced techniques,and helped me make my photos even better. Today,I have a photo business that I have created on my own,and I couldn’t have done it without the depth of knowledge that I gained from Beyond the Photo.”–Kat G.

Lightroom really took my photography to the next level. Using it is essential for making a good picture great. It’s unlocked so many possibilities for my photographs,that I consider it an indispensable part of my photographic toolkit. I found that the Lightroom workshop is well-worth the investment,because the skills I picked up there have made me that much better of a photographer. –Bart B.