Monday Morning Moms Photography Boot Camp

A five-week commitment, a lifetime of great pictures.

Our newly reformatted Monday Moms Digital Photography Bootcamp is a great way for new moms to learn the ins and outs of your dSLR or advanced point and shoot camera in a baby-friendly environment.  The Monday Moms Digital Photography Bootcamp will have you making amazing pictures in only five weeks.

Just like our evening courses, you’ll learn everything from ISO settings to file formats, lens choice to camera handling, and digital noise to color balance.  The basic fundamentals of photography (composition, lenses, ISO, shutter speed, white balance) will be stressed in weekly assignments. Only in the Moms class your baby is welcome to join us! (Babies only, no toddlers please.)

Students will learn to recognize the different qualities of light and how each quality has its own mood and creative potential. We’ll learn how to freeze the action of fast-moving babies and toddlers through shutter speed, and how to make beautiful soft pictures with the background out of focus and the baby’s eyes sharp.  We’ll cover the concept of three-dimensional depth, how to use light and lenses to enhance the feeling of distance in pictures, and how to use the camera’s white balance settings to insure rich warm color.

We’ll even learn how to use a few of your camera’s auto exposure modes while maintaining your creative control. This class is perfect for new moms who are ready to take their camera out of the often-disappointing “Auto Everything” mode and take control of their pictures.

It’s a five week investment that will ensure a lifetime of rich and beautiful pictures.

Class is limited to six participants.

Mondays 9:30 to 11:30am,  beginning September 24th.