Photo Two:  Advanced Digital Techniques

Beyond the Photograph’s Photo Two:Advanced Digital Techniques is a continuation of our popular Photo One:Adult Digital Storytelling class. We will build on the solid photographic fundamentals and narrative ideas that students developed in Photo One by adding Black and White, HDR and panoramic stitching, introduction to color theory, flash, shooting at night, portraiture and more. It’s recommended that students work in Adobe Lightroom as RAW workflow is a must. There will be weekly overviews that tie Lightroom Develop strategies to that week’s photographic topic.

Additionally,  every week students are challenged to investigate a photographer of merit,  contemplate their style,and then create their own pictures with that style in mind. The iconic image makers we study include:Pete Turner, Joel Meyerowitz, Berenice Abbott, Sally Mann, and others.

Photo Two:Advanced Digital Techniques is ten classroom sessions in our Hoboken studio plus a field trip that will include visiting the photography galleries in Chelsea. It’s just what you need to kick your photography up to the next level.

We meet on Wednesday evenings,7:00 to 9:00,beginning September 26th,2018

$425.00 for ten classroom sessions plus a field trip.

Enrollment is limited to eight students.


For a while there,I was going through the motions and not using an artistic approach. My pictures were flat and boring and really didn’t tell any kind of story. Having been through Photo Two now,I can say that I am looking at the world through my lens a little differently. I’m not afraid to capture images of people anymore. In fact,in Italy I made a point of it. I envisioned creating a series entitled “People of Rome”or something like that which shows everyday people doing everyday things. The gypsy begging on the street. The accordion player in the piazza,the old men talking politics over morning coffee,things like that. So that’s what I tried to keep an eye on Italy. Sure,I took the token church and ruins photos but Photo Two really made me more aware of everything else I should be capturing. And for that I thank you. -Brendan