2018 HoBOOken 5k Photography Team!

Join Beyond the Photograph for a morning of learning, shooting great pictures, and helping to raise money for a great cause.









On Saturday, October 27th, join us for a very special opportunity to be a part of the HoBOOken 5k without even breaking a sweat. Beyond the Photograph is a very proud sponsor of this year’s event and to celebrate we are offering a fundraising workshop, then we’ll provide complete photography coverage of the event. Our goal is to provide the sponsors with tons of great pictures that they can use to promote next year’s race, and we hope to raise $1,200 that will directly benefit the Hoboken Homeless Shelter.









The plan is to meet at 8:30am for a workshop on photographing action. We’ll cover the basics of shutter speeds and iso settings, plus strategies for stop action, panning blur, lens choice, and color settings. After about an hour we’ll put on our photo agency hats and figure out who is going to shoot what. Then we’ll create assignments, fan out, and shoot like crazy.

It’s a great event to shoot: character, color, action, drama, and tons of positive energy. Please join us.

Registration a simple, and completely tax deductible. Make a donation to the shelter of $15.00 or more then e-mail us your confirmation. Your donation goes directly to the Hoboken Homeless Shelter (a 501c3 not for profit organization).

Please register today by clicking on the  link below:

PLEASE CLICK HERE THEN EMAIL YOUR RECEIPT TO:  beyondthephotograph@gmail.com

It’s going to be a great morning!