Teen Summer Intensive

The Beyond the Photograph Teen Summer Intensive is a week-long dive into the world of digital photography and visual thinking for teens. Students will learn the basics of how pictures are constructed through use of light, composition tools, lens choice, exposure details, color, and post processing. Along the way they’ll gain an understanding of the workings of visual literacy by deconstructing media images and understanding their codes.

We’ll begin the week talking about how light works and why it matters to great photography. Students will go on photo walks, scavenger hunts, and group exercises that will help them practice the points they’ve learned in class. Through the week we’ll slowly build on the technical and the aesthetic ideas of photography and by the end of the week students will be creating light in the studio with professional equipment.

In between students will learn about black and white by creating their own negatives from their digital files and printing them using the beautiful and historic cyanotype process (water is the only chemical!).  They’ll learn how to create depth through light and lens, and a sense of motion through stop action or blur.

Most importantly students will learn that photography is about making pictures that tell stories, pictures that are about ideas, not only cool pictures of things (okay, we’ll do some of that too).


Class is from 10:00am to 3:00pm daily from July 22nd through July 26th.

- Students should have a dSLR or other camera with exposure controls (Rental available. Call for details).

- Students should bring a lunch and afternoon snack.

- Class meets in the beyond the Photograph studio at the Monroe Center for the Arts. 720 Monroe Street in Hoboken.

- The cost is $495.00